Malaysia Boleh!!! ............. Hospital Boleh!!!

Let me blog out what i knew that happen recently in one of the local hospital. How true is it, you judge yourself.

One evening, a pharmacist got a phone call from hospital, asking her what is the alternative medication for midazolam antidote, flumazenil. Because hospital is running out of stocak at that time. ( I believe most the time out of stock)

Once i heard this, I thought someone taking high dose midazolam to commit suicide, that's why hospital is looking for flumazenil. But the truth is one of the doctor gave IV midazolam to a kids and it was overdosed.

I'm quite curious how the dr will settle this case, forward the patient to other town? or just leave it and wish the kids will wake up on his own?

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Anonymous said...

Doctors in hospital now adays don't give a damn about the importance of people's life. They know only after few years of practice then they will quit and establish their own clinics to ern easy money rather than working like hell for the government.