Malaysia Boleh !!!...... Mask Boleh!!!

Because of this H1N1, mask are selling like a hot cake. Our 'smart' government has a good plan to handle this issue, to prevent retailer earn too much and also able to let mask supplier to earn the most. That's how smart our government, i love it.

Today, KPDNKK come and visit me. They come and check what price i'm selling for the mask, I'm sure the best way to find out will be test buy, rather than just ask, am i right? If you ask, sure i'm telling you that i'm selling the lowest price that they've fixed. May be they want to get it done fast, can go have some tea or coffee.

I'm quite surprise they need 6 persons to come to do this checking. Malaysia Boleh.

Some nice pictures will be up later, stay tune.

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