Am i wrong?

Quite some time i didn't blog, quite busy with my life and my pharmacy.

As a retail pharmacist, everyday we are dealing with medicines, sometimes we do have prescription from doctor asking us to dispense certain medication for their patients. For a medicines to be dispensed, we need to have a valid prescription from doctor. What will be a valid prescription?

Below is a quote from POISON ACT, 1952 (Act 366)

Section 21.(2)
Every presctiption for any Group B Poison prescribed by a registered medical practitioner, registered dentist, or registered veterinary officer shall:
(a) be in writing signed and dated by the prescriber thereof;
(b) state the address of the prescriber;
(c) state the name and address of the patient or, in the case of a prescription by a veterinary officer, the name and address of the person to whom such medicine is to be delivered;
(d) indicate the total amount of medicine to be supplied and the dose; and
(e) specify the number of times (not exceeding three) the medicine may be dispensed and, if dispensed more than once, at what intervals

Section 24.(2)
In this section "prescription" means any written or oral instruction to the seller or supplier to supply any poison, or medicine containing any poison, for the purpose of medical, dental or animal treatment of any person or animal, given by any person; and "prescriber" means the person giving such instructions or causing such instructions to be given to the seller or supplier.

Why i blog this out? Recently there is poison enforcer come and inspect my shop, asking me why should i accept Dr's prescription which is no clinic / hospital letter head, but with all the details that is stated in the Poison Act, 1952. Does she know the law well before she take any action?

I believe in other field also, this kind of things happen quite frequent. We don't clarify with them on the spot because we want a peaceful life, we just want to do business. Please take action on those who really against the law.

Credit give to beyond for the poison act information.


pharmalogik said...

just don't keep the incomplete prescription..........

or ask the dr to write again....hehe

Anonymous said...

Those enforcer only know to do enforcement to press people, without him or herself know what was required by the law that they are enforcing on.