Kids Portrait during CNY 2014

It has been a long time i didn't update my blog. Should be more than a year.

This series of photos taken with my 5D and 50 1.4. Not my style of photography, i took digital gear rather than my normal film gear.

A long journey for us to travel. 2 hour drive from Lahad Datu to Tawau, 30mins ride from Tawau to Tawau Airport. 2 hour plus flight from Tawau to KLIA. The next morning, suppose is 3 hour drive from KL to Labis, heavy traffic. It took us 6 hours to reach Labis. Tiring day, pity my little 2 princess.

Photos was link from my facebook.

My little princess is now going to 4 years old when this batch of photos was taken. Time really fly. Another 2 lovely little kids in this series of photos, they are kids of my sister in law. Lovely kids.

Enjoy the photos.

The Importance of Your Profile Pictures

 photo yescom-photo-5-1_zps75f2fd3e.jpg

Social websites goes beyond just acquiring buddies. Your social media profiles are the initial thing anyone sees once they look you up online. Possible dates, friends and even potential employers will look up your social media marketing profiles. While a lot of people "clean up" their pictures on social networking sites like Facebook and twitter, or even keep their profiles private, a user profile picture and cover photo is definitely out there for those to see when they Google you. Too often people leave their profile pictures as simply cropped photos from casual photos. Even worse is having a picture of your cartoon character, their kids, or their pets. None on this creates the first impression a profile picture should make to prospects you may want to setup an interview in person.

It is important to have a profile picture that accurately shows who you are while still fitting in to the size restrictions of all social media sites. Try taking a professional looking photo of yourself using professional equipment, like photography backdrops and lighting kits. You can discover suitable professional photography equipment at at an affordable price. When choosing a photo to use for profile pics, you would like something that looks a lot better than the common selfie. This is especially true for internet sites such as Linkedin, where employers may see you.

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You don't need the same picture for each and every site. For dating site, you would want a picture that literally brings out your most attractive qualities. For Twitter and facebook, you can go more casual and friendly. For Linkedin you could opt for a more professional approach, wearing business-like clothing.

You should make sure your profile picture presents you in as neutral a light as possible. Never have alcohol or drugs on your own profile picture or perhaps your cover picture. The same costs extreme political or religious views, wherever it may fall for the spectrum. Also, never put offensive or pornographic content with your profile or cover pictures.

After you have appropriate pictures taken, you may use a program including Photoshop to crop it right down to an appropriate size and also tweaking your photo's imperfections. Use Photoshop which has a light hand so it doesn't seem like you have drastically altered your physical appearance.

Once you have your photos good to go, upload them to your various social media sites. Finally, be sure you update your photos every 6-12 months to give an accurate portrayal of yourself online.

Photos during CNY 2013 - Part 1

 photo KODAK_F100_216_zpsedecffbf.jpg

Here are some photos i took during my CNY 2013, camera is F100 with 35mm f/2, film will be kodak 400.

I dunno total will be how many part, just upload when i got time. Enjoy.

 photo KODAK_F100_204_zpsca67bf32.jpg

 photo KODAK_F100_201_zps591fc227.jpg

 photo KODAK_F100_196_zps31a54919.jpg

 photo KODAK_F100_193_zpsfa814db7.jpg

 photo KODAK_F100_195_zps7d6a5c29.jpg

 photo KODAK_F100_190_zps6750dfef.jpg

 photo KODAK_F100_189_zps113cb3c9.jpg

 photo KODAK_F100_180_zps7a522ce2.jpg

 photo KODAK_F100_179_zps0bac2131.jpg

 photo KODAK_F100_178_zps6c8e03dd.jpg

 photo KODAK_F100_171_zpsbca90e3d.jpg

 photo KODAK_F100_170_zps6ff1a79d.jpg