PT-04 & RF-04

Finally, i got my RF wireless flash trigger, with 1/10 the price of PW, you can have this wonderful gadget.This is a 4 channel RF trigger. This whole set come with one Transmitter, one Receiver and a sync cable. Transmitter work with a 12V 23A battery while Receiver operated by 3V CR2 battery. I've tested it on my DSLR, it also work fine with FM2 and also OM-1.

For those like OCF, I highly recomended. Or.... you can choose PW or RP.

This how the box look like, china made. But WORTH it.

Once you open the box, everythings is inside. No manual, no description, just gear.

With little modification, the range can be extended. To how far? i dunno.
I'll try do some modification on it.


Ted said...

Not yet modify?

Clement said...

how much you brought it ?

Fah Mun said...

I also got 1 set inclusive 1 transmitter and 2 receiver. Mine is better because AAA batteries operate. hehehehehe...