13/04/2008 Registration of...... US !!!!!!!! @ Brickfield, KL

13/04/2008, Queen and I went for registration. Yeah... Registration of Marriage.

Must take the opportuniy there to thanks a few people that attend our registration.

Witness : Mr & Mrs Lian Wee Kwang
Main-Photographer : Ch'ng Ted Earl (A.K.A. Ted Earl)
Co-Photographer : Lee Min Shen (A.K.A. Pharmalogik) and his wife
Videographer : Lee Leong Siang

And also friends who spare their time to attend.

More Pictures available at TED EARL's site and also PHARMALOGIK's Site.

Taken with reverse 50mm @ f/18

OCF with Flash on camera right, Trigger by GENERIC-PW

OCF with Flash on camera left.


Clement said...

nice shots!!, seems a few photographer to witness the event.

Clement said...

congratulation on your registration !!

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