Short vacation @ SABAH

Since last Mt. Kinabalu trip, I've not been going back to Lahad Datu for quite some time. This time i take a different route, reach Kota kinabalu early in the morning then connected with the last flight to Lahad Datu. Must give a big thanks to Roger and Ted Earl for their kind hospitality, and also not forget Roger's wife, thanks a lot. Roger brought me to eat the best Tom Yam in KK, to enjoy the great drink somewhere in the sky. A beautiful good Friday.

Where am i? Wish i have a GPS here

Model TE, self holding OCF 45 degree up

Model R, OCF hand held by Model TE

Group photo of us : Roger, Ted Earl and Me
Picture was taken with bounce flash

Another version of group photo : Roger, Me and Ted Earl
Picture was taken with OCF on camera's right 45 degree with waiter's help
(Thanks Ted for this wonder idea)

Leaving KK, heading to LD (trust me, not easy to get on this flight......)

I suspect this is Kinabatangan River, again... GPS might help

Erm... interesting

Leaving sandakan... going to KL


Ted said...


Also thanks to the waitress who held the flash for us during that OCF shot. She looked worried when we asked her to come over and help us.

Clement said...

how came you come to sandakan also didnt give me a call ar ??

ws pang said...

haha... sorry, sorry.
i'm there 2 hours only.
trust me... a lot of time to meet next time, haha.

[TED], yeah.. must thank her also.

Ted said...

Oh, Master Clement angry liao...

I know someone else also angry...A

ws pang said...


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