My Canon IXUS 400 - Part II

Malaysia 12th Election is around the corner, every party is trying their best to fight as many vote as possible, of course the one with our tax money can print out all this colourful banner. This one i shoot when i'm on my way to work. Cannot use phone while driving, but we can use camera while driving.

Let me translate the wording in the yellow banner
"Talk only but didn't work, ROCKET bullshit"

See the yellow banner? Very obvious, this banner was put up by BN to fight agains DAP. This is very funny, BN itself didn't walk the talk, how come they talk bad about other party?

Another pictures taken during driving, with setting f/8 and shutter 1/160.

If you are Malaysia Today reader, u'll find one article mention that UMNO's supporter will get FOC motor, food............... What's the purpose? everyone know.

Click HERE for the article.

Using everyone's tax money for the benefit of certain population, this is my country.
Vote for your future !!!


Ted said...

Today EC say not going to use indelible ink...wonder what other last minute news there will be.

ws pang said...

Last minute announcement may be..... ''today no voting, we postpone to other date''