My Canon IXUS 400

Yeah, this is a picture i took with my legendary Canon IXUS 400. I love this camera so much, but this lovely camera has been sitting in my drybox for the last one year. Luckily Canon Malaysia repair it free of charge.

After checking with OPANDA IExif, this picture was taken with setting f/13 and shutter 1/125.

This picture was taken when i'm on my way to work, what do you see?
4 persons were get paid but only 1 person working? or 0 person working.

Yes, that's exactly what is happening here. Relax and you'll live longer and healthier.


Ted said...

I remember a Datuk once told me..

'I'm used to our gomen throwing money into the sea'

pharmalogik said...

two person watching out for traffic, one person cannot look both sides wat...wat if got proton car out of control come and bang them?

ws pang said...

Really dunno our gomen is such considerate, how can i dun like my country. so nice, so corrupted.