Mt. Kinabalu Trip May 2007

16th May 2007. 9 of us have one common vision, conquer the highest peak in S.E.A, none of us was prepared. We start our journey on 17th May 2007 9.45am, from Timpohon gate. It take us 6 hours to reach Laban Rata, 6km in 6hours, very very tired. While we reach Laban Rata, few members of us feel uncomfortable due to the high altitude. 18th 2.00am in the morning, 8 of us start our journey, heading the peak. even is 3km journey, it take us very long to reach the peak.... finally we reached Low's Peak (4095.2m)

We come we see we conquer

Very sad and very regret as not much pictures was taken, too cold and too lazy to take out my camera. no worry, next year i'll come again.

We come again, we see again, we conquer again !!!

Here we come...

Wonder thing small fruits can eat?

Nothing special, just like it...

Natural track

Will it be good if all the track like this?

So nice, people going down... we going up

You can't catch me....

When you see the pipes, you are near to 'Pondok'

Faster lah..... Uncle pang

Finally 9 of us reach LABAN RATA

Is it 'senget'?

Can see the animal?

Why so happy? still got long way to go... haha

Friend... dun rest, move move move.

Romeo, wht's the feeling of eating apple at 4095.2m above sea level?

I don't want to walk down... :(

Look like donkey?

Why south peak?


Anonymous said...

yo..yo.. good pictures!! especially the flower one.. look so 'pro'! hehe... think you will say " profesional is like that de ma" right? haha... waiting for ue 3rd and 4th part eh!!!!!

Yap KH said...