Manukan & Mamutik, SABAH 2007

After the Mt. Kinabalu, we have the chances to go Pulau Manukan & Mamutik. Both of this island is really beautiful, eventhough all of us have some muscle ache after the mountain but everyone of us really enjoy it. Nice air, nice water and nice scenery. I'll come again.... hehe.
Jellyfish season, no wonder so little ppl go snorkelling

9 persons go, one person is missing, where is Dr. Yap? go to kill jellyfish, hehe.
Really can use for emergency? seems older than me...

Ted is inspecting his 'baby', hahaha

Everyone scare of jellfish, no one there :(

This thing look familiar? fish also need this cream.. haha

Charlie angels

Don't move..... everyone shoot this !!!

Can you guess who is he?

Looking for jellyfish?

Finally... jellyfish cannot stop us from getting in water

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