Dr. Zhe Yi & Luan Chai Liew 's wedding

On 10th of February 2007, i've been invited to my friend's wedding ceremony and have the honour to be their photographer. Me and my girl friend reach Johor Bahru on the 9th, travel all the way down from Kuala Lumpur to Johor Bahru. Meeting up with this young couple and have a nice chat about their life in Glasgow, UK. Both of them very humble and very helpful, really a nice trip in Johor. They do share with us how they meet up, life as foreign Dr. in UK. We do have the honour for helping them out with their room decoration and also some photo shooting one day before wedding ceremony.

Her's uncle helping one day before

My lovely girl friend looking at their nice album

Complicated tools....

yo yo.... let's start drawing

Final touch...

Private Conversation

She feel nervous ??

Wao... awesome makeup artist

Would you marry me? TAKE TWO

Dr Liew... why u so free look at me?

Welcome to my room... hehehe

Yeah... i'm free

View through LCD

Where is it, can anyone tell me?

Make up again?

Let's eat...


pharmalogik said...

Nice pictures....Excellent work...Can't wait to see you in action in my wedding...

JINNY said...

well.. not bad.. it better now compare with the first time i see! more pro now.. hhaa.

Anonymous said...

Great job buddy!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Anonymous said...

good job... thinking change your job be a photographer?? haha