Jesselton, May 2007

Kota kinabalu, formely known as Jesselton. Personally i feel that jesselton sound much much nicer from KOTA KINABALU. Anyway, now is called Kota Kinabalu or just K.K. After spending some time in Manukan, Mamutik and also Kinabalu Nature Resort. We are back to the city life. We bump into a coursemate that came from sarawak for holiday in our apartment, the world is so small. After long discussion, we all have a drink in one bar with the name of 'Shamrock The Irish Bar'. Go to KK to enjoy Irish Bar??? (i dun understand, hehe)
Last but not least, i brought some of the girls to local market, this one really local but also dunno why it was called 'philippines market'. Every souvenier that printed 'borneo', 'sabah', 'mt. kinabalu'... all this came from philippines.

This pictures was taken at 9.51pm (F/9 @ 30seconds). Is there anyone can figure out why this appear in the middle of the sea? fire or sunset?

Sabah Borneo, from philippines or malaysia? haha

Shamrock The Irish Bar in KK

What will you do other than drink? take photo? hahaha

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Anonymous said...

this batch picture is normal abit ... the first picture with the souvenir that one.. that is pro la.. hehe.. still got pic wanna show??