LX3 test shot


After dinner, i took out the LX3 for some fun shot. Pictures taken under tungsten light, location is living room. All the pictures taken with Aperture priority as i found the manual in LX3 very difficult to control. The first pix is watermelon taken in macro mode, f/2 @ 1/2 second shutter with IS on, ISO 200, auto white balance, but still not very sharp and the white balance seems like.......

All this pictures is straight from camera, only resize in photoshop has been carried out.

Photo of my dry box with
ISO 80, f/2 @ 1/1.6 second shutter, AWB.

Another photo of my drybox with macro mode, camera mounted to tripod to minimize shake.
ISO 80, F/2.1 @ 1.3 second shutter, AWB.

May be i should try to do some outdoor shoot, this post also dedicate for someone, haha... poison.

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