Eat full, sell 'pao'

I'm pretty sure a lot of chinese do understand the title, eat full, sell 'pao'. Want to share one incident that happen recently in my business life.

Some of you might come across sheep placenta, recently there is a brand of sheep placenta is quite famous, MF III PE Soft Gel Sheep Placenta. What so special about this placenta? I'm not too sure, may be is the best or just branding. Anyway, it is selling at RM660.00 RSP for one month consumption.

After a long conversation with the distributor in malaysia, LAB DOM AVMM SUISSE (M) SDN. BHD., i manage to make a order of 50boxes of MF3 PE SoftGel. They require me to pay up front, so they can proceed with the order and deliver the stock to me once the payment is made. What to do? i desperately need the stock and customer is waiting. As their request, i've bank in RM18150.00 to their account ASAP.

2 days later, they said they've receive the payment will send out the stock ASAP. Another 2 days, i called them up about the status of my stock. Their reply is ''Mr. Pang, we are so sorry, we cannot supply to you and will refund the money to you, because sabah and sarawak is distribute by one pharmacy in MIRI, SARAWAK''

If they really cannot supply, just tell me cannot supply and i will tell my customer MF3 not willing to sell to me, please go MIRI to buy. After all the payment, rushing here and there, they said cannot supply and will do refund.

Typical ''eat full, sell pao''

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