Doctor's way of dispensing.

Have been in retail pharmacy life for quite sometimes, we come across a lot of funny prescription by doctor. Some of them simply give, why? i really don't know and don't want to comments. Let me share one of it here, which happen this morning.

One 50 years ++ aunty came in my pharmacy, asking me to give some advice on her medication.

  • AMTAS (amlodipine) 10mg take at morning
  • SIMVACOR (simvastatin) 40mg take at night
  • VYTORIN (ezetimibe + simvastatin) 10/20 take at morning

Take a look at the medication that this DR gave, Amlodipine which is antihypertensive drug given at morning, no problems.

The problems is the cholesterol lowering agent, both of this should be taken at night and not morning, how can this Dr don't know about this? Perhaps he didn't do well in his pharmacology.

For those in Lahad Datu, can drop me an email. I'll tell you who is this Dr, quite famous. Hahaha.

Dispensing seperation is NEEDED !!!!!


Anonymous said...

simvastatin over dose!!

Dexter, i am really happy that i manage to get back to uni.. there is a uk guideline for health care professionals i wish to share.. it is called NICE guideline. for hypertension, diuretics was 1st line treatment when we were in strath, but it is ACEIs now as 1st line.. amlodipine isn't even the proper choice, is the 3rd line in fact.. ACEIs is proven to increase survival rate and reduce many other complications ..


student said...

I am a medical student studying in Russia, preparing for my pharmacology test.

Its true that taking statins at night marginally better lowers cholesterol levels.

But, I dont know about the situations in Msia. Here, there are clear separation of prescription and dispensation.

And from what I observed, there isnt much respect among 2 very interconnected fields.

Just my views. Thx