Some of the Malaysia's doctor.

Recently, there is a news from The Star, Compugates to develop pharmacy chain.

There is somethings i want to bring up somethings which i think related to the above case, below is a conversation between me and a local doctor happen few days ago in my shop, the conversation was in malay, i translate it to english.

Dr : Normally pregnant lady take what supplement. (A pregnant lady stand next to him)

Me : Mostly they took Obimin, Iberat Folic and now there is a new one called Obimin Pluz.

Dr : What price you can give me for Obimin Pluz? Give me doctor price, I'm government
doctor. (Didn't show me his working tag)

Me : Erm....... ok, RMxx.xx, this is the best price for you.

Dr : Cannot be lower? i'm doctor.

Me : No, this is the best price for you.

Dr : Lower somemore, i'm government doctor. By the way, what's the difference of Iberat Folic
and Obimin.

Me : Iberat Folic is Hematinic.

Dr : Obimin also got hematinic?

Me : Yes

Dr : Your price can lower? I'm doctor.

Me : That's the lowest.

The main point of this conversation is not about the price slashing, is the supplements.

After i find out from friends around LD, this guy is a medical doctor in one of the local hospital and he's a O&G doctor, what is O&G? Here is the link.

How can a O&G doctor don't know anythings about this basic supplement for pregnant lady, I'd suggest him to read a post from my friend regarding vitamins in pregnancy.

What type of medical doctor is this? Malaysia will have too much doctor by year 2013, this will be very true. Quantity and not quality.


pharmalogik said...

haha...for doctors, i give them special..special 10% extra...hehe

thanks for linking also..

Anonymous said...

they are certainly emphasizing quantity.. i felt so sick, so sad to hv come across few death cases due to medical error by Dr..

this one don even own a good professional image.. 1st by asking such a basic question, 2nd by bargaining in front of a patient/customer .. i feel so sorry to the public.. i feel so worried for my family and friends who are exposed to these drs...