WeeSiang & HuyPing, 7th December 2008 @ Kulai, Johor.

Yeah.... finally is my turn. 7th December 2008 is me and my wife big day, to be honest it is really rush and tiring but it is worth. This time i couldn't hold the camera my self, all pictures i posted is here taken by Ted Earl and Kwan FM, it is really important to have a good photographer during your wedding, if possible get at least 2, money can earn back, moment cant. Because it only happen once... no take 2.

I'd like to take the opportunity here to thank all our friends and cousin, spending their time and celebrate with us, thank you thank you.

I let the pictures do the talking, enjoy.

More photos available at Ted Earl's Blog and Kwan FM Pbase (comming soon).....

weesiang&huyping @ 07/12/2008

weesiang&huyping @ 07/12/2008

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pharmalogik said...

even a good photographer need leng cai and leng lui to produce superb pictures.. and your photos are superb.. congratulations