Our wedding photos, by T.S Teo

weesiang & huyping wedding @7/12/2008

During my big day, T.S Teo holding my camera and shoot for us. Quite a number of picture he took very nice, but here i just upload 3 for all to see. I've not ask permission from him yet, later he 'beh song'.

I've been poisoning him for quite some times, but his antidote is super strong for this poison.

All photo taken by T.S Teo a.k.a. CEBTRIX, only resize, some level adjustment and convert to black and white was carried out.

weesiang & huyping wedding @7/12/2008
I was really impressed by this photo, super super high key? or highly overxpose?
This photo i just convert it to BnW and resize, that's all.
I personally like this photo a lot.

weesiang & huyping wedding @7/12/2008
One of the photographer on our big day, TED

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Ted said...

Wah, got talent! Good good!