A super extra ordinary person...

Me : Hi, looking for anythings?

EO : Of course lah, if not come for what?....

Me : Erm....

EO : Do u have NEURONTIN? how much u selling?

Me : Yes, let me check the best price that i can give you. Ok, the best price i can give is RM30.00 per strip.

EO : RM29.00 lah, normally i bought at 29, last month i come here, one young lady give me 29 only.

Me : Young lady, no young lady working here.

EO : Oh... is it? That day you on leave, of course you dunnno sell at 29 lah.

Me : Ok, not a problems. I give u at RM29.00

EO : Like that ah, give me 2 strip.


This customer has some supernatural power, he "knew" that i take leave which i myself also dunno i'm on leave. Don't you think he is really................. KNS?

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Ted said...

You didn't give him Diovan 160mg? That one from Switzerland sure very good wan u know..