F.E.D 2007 @ PGRM, Cheras

FED (Free Enterprise Day) is the largest annual event by BWW, this year FED malaysia has about 5,000 participants. Compare to oversea, US, UK, INDIA.... etc. this amount is just peanut. This year FED was held 3 days due to highly demand, all of us really enjoy this annual event. Hopefully coming event, Family Reunion, i can be BWW Malaysia OP.

This is MARCUS, he is really enjoy.. HAHA

MARK, how's the food?

I dunno how big is this screen, how nice if can have this big screen at home.

Chon Yen, the rice really that nice?

This is the place where we took our lunch. Taste nicer, dun believe? BELIEVE IT!!!

Still remember him? Headmaster Liew

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