Chin Aun & Wai Leng @ DAMANSARA

Last weekend, 11/11/2007, is a big big day for Chin Aun and Wai Leng. You all will see them quite often if u all like to go low yatt, i guess you all will know what they doing. I got to know wai leng and chin aun via one of my ex-teacher and now is my friend, Wai Sing. Anyhow i still call him as "Teacher Low", you will have fun if you chat with him, full of knowledge and full sense of humour.

Ok, back to this wonderful couple, haha. I reach BU3 about 6.30am in the morning, start shooting and capture their big day, this things only happen once in their life time. The Whole session end about 5pm in the evening, is a tired day, but i really enjoy it. Thanks for their great hospitality and wish them all the best !!!

She's nervous...

Chin Aun, Break in...... GAMBATE

Egg for "breakfast"

This is a real cake, not "fake cake"


Clement said...

Nice Capture!! I see a lot of improvement in your picture!! keep it up!!

Shen said...

nice pics!!!