Wai Keong & Lee Ting

Last saturday, 9th June, should be a good day. Few of my friend married on that day, because of working, not manage to attend their wedding ceremony in the morning, too bad i cannot take photo during their ceremony, i believe that will be the most precious moment in life for them.

This is my first time shooting dinner using external speedlite, manage to borrow a SB-800 from friends. Before mount the SB-800 on my camera, have a 'counselling' with my 'sifu' in Tawau, asking him the setting and anything to get the most natural lighting. After discuss with 'sifu', telling him very hard to set the proper output, challenge in using speedlite. He send me sms, i found it is very meaningful. Pictures should give credit to him, haha. Share with you all this sms.

Q: What makes events photography so challenging?

A: To simply shots and capturing moments out of the mess.

First part of the photo i shoot without using SB-800, as it was not reached. Once SB-800 is mount on my camera, trying some shoot, pushing ISO to 400. Most of my pictures taken with ISO800 (which i think not so nice and very noisy). Any how, found out that ISO400 give a very clean image, no noise.

Professional make up artist... geng, haha

This shot look very familiar, where i saw this before??

Can see something from her eyes?

8.30pm, everyone is hungry waiting for food...

Someone ask me why not focus on the bride? what do you think?

Can see who is inside the TV?

Sharon, you are very concentrating, haha.

Erm.... time to buy 70-200mm

I wish i can get closer....


ted said...

Few of your friends married..

Didn't know Abdullah Badawi your friend too...hahah. Nice shots btw

Welcome ! said...

ya, few of my friend. excluding 'him'. haha...

Kwan said...

Wee Siang,

Very very the nice shots! One SLR, one Kit Lens, one Speedlight, but thousand of pictures. I salute you, bro.

You really knew how to make full use of your limitation.I really feel proud of you. Nice job!