Nikon FM2N

This is another classic camera, by NIKON. The original FM2 was introduce in the market back in 1982, FM2N i'm not very sure when it was introduced in the market. (once i found out will update here). This is also a fully manual camera, you need to take care of everything before you press the shutter release button, is really fun having this camera, i wish to have this also. I collect this camera on behalf of my friend, i've the priority to play with this gem.. haha.

This whole package include a Motor Drive, which can make this classic camera shoot up to 3fps. very fast, the shutter sound is super when couple with motor drive, automatically film advance, powered by 8AA batteries, can you imagine how heavy is it? anyway, good to have it :)

Other than the body and motor drive, this package also include a AI-S Nikkor-Zoom 28-50mm f/3.5 and also a Nikon AH-2 (enable the tripod mount to be more centre, really solid and heavy)

AH-2 was removed, if not this camera cannot 'stand' haha

The holder can see some sign of wear

It still look very new (N 1665923)

AI-S Nikkor Zoom 28-50mm f/3.5 (190395)

Simply beautiful.... haha


Ted said...

Wah...very very nice camera.

ws pang said...

TED, when you want to 'buy' it? hahahaha

pharmalogik said...

simply "geng" camera also cannot fight..

Ted said...

Coming soon...hahah

ws pang said...

Dato Lee, time to get one.... replace ur 'new' camera.. haha.