Photos during CNY 2013 - Part 1

 photo KODAK_F100_216_zpsedecffbf.jpg

Here are some photos i took during my CNY 2013, camera is F100 with 35mm f/2, film will be kodak 400.

I dunno total will be how many part, just upload when i got time. Enjoy.

 photo KODAK_F100_204_zpsca67bf32.jpg

 photo KODAK_F100_201_zps591fc227.jpg

 photo KODAK_F100_196_zps31a54919.jpg

 photo KODAK_F100_193_zpsfa814db7.jpg

 photo KODAK_F100_195_zps7d6a5c29.jpg

 photo KODAK_F100_190_zps6750dfef.jpg

 photo KODAK_F100_189_zps113cb3c9.jpg

 photo KODAK_F100_180_zps7a522ce2.jpg

 photo KODAK_F100_179_zps0bac2131.jpg

 photo KODAK_F100_178_zps6c8e03dd.jpg

 photo KODAK_F100_171_zpsbca90e3d.jpg

 photo KODAK_F100_170_zps6ff1a79d.jpg

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