Photos around my working place

 photo KODAK_F100_259_zps1ea51c5a.jpg

This series will be around my work place, my shop and surrounding. This batch of photos taken with Nikkormat FTN together with Nippon Kogaku 50mm f/2 lens. Film will be Kodak 100 ( expired).

The above pictures is my teammate for my pharmacy. Enjoy the rest of the photos.

 photo KODAK_F100_260_zps23de8d1a.jpg

 photo KODAK_F100_263_zps9ed2e679.jpg

 photo KODAK_F100_262_zps1aa42274.jpg

 photo KODAK_F100_264_zps90daf563.jpg
This how efficient our local authorities for their job, been there for few days.

 photo KODAK_F100_258_zpsc1cf8a53.jpg

 photo KODAK_F100_255_zpsc5175947.jpg

 photo KODAK_F100_253_zpsb92f0bae.jpg
The colour and texture with this lens is lovely.

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