A gift from mentor

V17 9W6PWS

Yeah, this is a gift from my HAM mentor 9M6WST, as a welcome gift to the world of HAM radio (POISON!!!!). I got my HAM Callsign back in April 2010, holding callsign 9W6PWS.

Just a brief info sharing here. There are 2 type of license in Malaysia for HAM operator, that are Class A and Class B license. Class A operator holding a 9Mxxxx, while Class B holding a 9Wxxxx. For you to hold a Class A license, you need to pass a morse code test with 12wpm. (I'm working hard on this)

Some may notice there are 9W6xxx, 9W2xxx and also 9W8xxx. All this set buy ITU, 9W6xxx is HAM operator in Sabah, 9W2 is in West Malaysia, while 9W8xxx is those in Sarawak, this same goes to 9Mxxxx.

More info? Google it..... hahahaha. 73.

V17 9W6PWS

V17 9W6PWS

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9M6WST said...

Welcome to Amateur Radio. The only hobby that require license to enjoy. The world is just one press of PTT away. 73.