Ringgit Malaysia

I've been quite some time no update my blog, quite lazy to update and there is actually quite a lot of interesting stuff that i can share here. As a retail pharmacist, things that we normally encounter will be price issue, customer argue or scold you from your grand grand parents till your children for 10cents or any amount.

Let's put it in a dialog form, what happen this morning.

ABC : Do you have Eye mo moist? small one.

Me : Yes, i have. RM5.00 per bottle.

ABC : How come so expensive? I bought it for 1 something only.

Me : Oh... 1 something is really cheap, where you get it?

ABC : Singapore, Sing dollar 1 somethings.


How come so much difference? Hopefully only our country leader will know the answer.

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Ted said...

Hahah S$1++ hebat lar...