Industrial shoot for Ibau Hamburg

Silos for Cement

I was hired by MR H.Mueller from IBAU HAMBURG to do a industrial shoot for Cement Industries Sabah (CIS), the main things to be included in the photo is the cement silo and the packing plant, some major machinery and also few shots inside the silos.

This is the first part of the photos, second part will be aerial shot. Due to the bad weather in Lahad Datu and Sandakan this few days, the helicopter cannot take off, thus the second session was postponed to next week.

I was told by Mueller that this photo will be presented in a Cement Conference in Dubai.

All photos were taken with my tokina 11-16 and set up with tripod.

I'm looking forward to the aerial shot, hopefully next week weather will be nice, no rain, sunny day.

Inside the Silos

Silos for Cement


Jason Tan said...

I am looking forward for your pictures! I'm working for this comp and would love to see the project there.....Anyways, I am also an avid photographer!

diverter valve said...

amazing angles! i like the way you visualize the curves and the lines. and the color is really superb.

great shots. way the go!