Wee Kwang & Yann Nee

29/12/2007, another couple's big day. This time a bit special, bride is my QUEEN's best friend. We start our journey from KL at 4.00am in the morning, reaching LABIS at 7.00am, by that time still manage to capture some make-up shot. About 8.00am, groom reached LABIS.

Not easy to bring bride home, i saw groom really pity but also enjoy the process, once in a life time. After everything done, we follow the whole TEAM back to BENUT, another small town in JOHOR.

Wishing them happy always...

Still not too late, manage to get some.

Wee kwang, are you ready ? HAHAHAHAHAHA

The door is 'heavy', Man....

Can you see that? i salute you, wee kwang.

This is what i like, small town feel.

Chilli effect.

Time to go home.

I personally like this very much, C&C is welcomed.

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Vincent Pang said...

nice pics ! hope to see more pics from you