Chee Siong & Tee Tee @ Corus, KL.

20/01/2008, I was being invited to shoot a wedding dinner in KL, Chee Siong & Tee Tee. I get to know this wonderful couple trough my Uni's friends. Both of them really great and humble, nice to meet them.

Their actual BIG day fall on 27/01/2008 at Klang and we'll travel up to Kuala Selangor for the ceremony. I'm looking forward to shoot this wedding, CHEERS !!!

Look familiar?....... Yeah, this is a generic version.

Groom is preparing the slide show for dinner, GOOD JOB!!!

This is the first time i did a macro shot, with F/1.4
What do you think?

B.B and T.T.....

Hurry up, hurry up...

This can't be avoid in chinese wedding's dinner

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