Hahahaha.......... Canon EOS-1D

Having a chance to play around with this legend Canon 1D series body, really excited. From what i know, EOS-1D is the first 1D series line up in Canon DSLR. This camera was launched in November 2001, it was the only Canon DSLR that using CCD sensor rather than the CMOS sensor.

EOS-1D is a 4.1 megapixels camera, which is a lot back in year 2001. What it amazed me is that it has 45 AF points and also the fastest shutter speed is 1/16000, how fast is it? i dunno..... but only knew really really fast. One more things about this body, it use IEEE 1394 connection rather than a USB connection, this is really cool.

I'm a Nikon user, i dun own any canon lens (at the moment, hehe), cannot do any test shoot with this body. Asking me to do review on this body? i dunno how to do also, check internet or some forum, there are many guru out there very good in doing review.

Before letting this legend go, snap some of it's pictures as remembrance.

This is something that i dun really understand.
EOS-1D having a crop factor of 1.3x, why it cannot use EF-S lens?or can?

Look like BATMAN...


Ted said...

How about testing a 1D Mk III? Heheheh

ws pang said...

i'll be getting 1Ds MARK II this week, only hold body n admire, no lens to play around.