Kian Seng & Lai Yoke @ IPOH

27/10/2007 is a BIG day for Kian Seng and Lai Yoke. I'm so happy to be their official photographer of their big day. Kian seng is my colleague,is a very nice and humble guy. Thank you for their hospitality during my visit to Tanjung Rambutan (sound scarely, haha). But frankly, is a nice place to visit and have a lot of photographic opportunities in Tg. Rambutan. Can't wait to see pictures from my FM2.

During dinner, i met quite a number of old friends. Must give special thanks to DATUK LEE for spending his precious time burning some useful DVD for me.

Ok, lets start "painting"

One of my favourite shot

CLS work here !!!

AGAIN!!! CLS work here.

Punishment only drink SOYA MILK??? so nice

"Brothers" seems having problems... pity them

I like this shot

Very happy oh...

CLS???? no no no

I wish to have a Star Filter

She saw me..

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Shen said...

cool pics.