Eng Hooi and Lee Chen

Eng Hooi and Lee Chen, another wonder and friendly couple that i've meet last weekend. It was a very long story how i got to know this couple, all the while i'm talking with with Eng Soon via phone and email, only able to meet him during his brother big day.

In this wedding shooting, i've tried a lot of new things that i've never trid in my past wedding shoot. I travel down to SENAWANG 4am in the morning, capture everything that i feel is beautiful, wedding only appear once in their life time. The whole session end about 11.00pm, on my way back to KL feel tired but i really enjoy shoot wedding.

'Happy Lamp'

This is the first time i see 2 person, one handle make up, second do the hair style.


CLS work here

Which 'ball' is in focused?

yoyo.... i like sport car

This is completely new to me...... CS3

Not easy to get this lock open...

Eng Hooi big day, he really looks BIG

This shoot was taken in completely dark, the result is impressing.

CHEERS......... Let's cheers for the couple

This is Eng Soon and Me during the end of the dinner

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