Dr. Cheng Hood and Hong Ying Goh

What happen when two medical expert come together? Cheng Hood is a medical Doctor while Hong Ying is a pharmacist. This is a wonderful combination, i really enjoy shooting for this wonderful couple. I met hong Ying on their BIG DAY, before this i only talk to her via phone. Really nice can meet them, and also i'd like to give credit to Min Shen that introduce them to me.
During their dinner, i met a few new friends and old friends. It is truly a joy and blessing to be there for cheng hood and hong ying. Many blessings to both of you, cheers !!!
Does it look like a sensor swipe?
Can clearly see the joy from her face expression
One of my favourite shot
Does she look great?
One of my favourite shot also :)
Final Touch...
Time to get ready
Here he come...
No one would like to miss those nice shoot
Just a little punishment, hehe
Wah... hold back brother
Time to go home...
This is really cool
Can you see the bride?
I wish i can get closer, again... aiks
Lovely couple

Time to change RED, YEAH!!


Ted said...

Getting better and better...keep it up

pharmalogik said...

ya...so nice liao...really pro..very glad i can get him for my wedding...