Min Shen & Swee Luan Lee

Last weekend, we went to Teluk Intan, Perak to do wedding shoot for one of my best friend. This young couple booked me 6 months ago for their big day, this day finally came and I enjoy shooting for this wonderful couple. I knew them during my houseman in HUKM. This young couple is very friendly and lovely, Ping and I would like to thanks for their great hospitality.

We reached Teluk Intan on 07/07/07, one day before their big day, to do some pre-wedding shoot for this wonderful couple. We manage to take some good shot near at a river bank, I guess this will be a wonderful moments for them J

All the best to them and I wish to have the pleasure to shoot their first baby portrait, WORK HARD MY FREN !!!

Their Journey is just begin

Bride's father walking away while we taking some photos

Something new that i tried while waiting for make up artist

I like the light, what do you think?

Let's start drawing...

Erm... what should i say, simply gorgeous.

Final touch, bride is ready...

Out of focus? try to find yourself. hehe

I find this 'grape' just out-side bride's house

Anson Garden..

Big day.. this guy really a PALM supporter

Groom look very desperate.. haha

Yo.... He's coming

Yeah, snap more pictures... once in a life time for this couple

Hey hey... why so happy?

None of them want to miss this wonderful moment

Moving to new house... hehe

This is chinese tradition, everywhere same...

Erm... He is very hungry, haha

My first attempt in square composition, comments please

Nice decoration in the restaurant

I wait there 3 mins to wait for this 'yellow' light

Cheers for this couple !!!

Happy always, always happy


Ted said...

Wah, you're getting better with each wedding. Keep improving!

Anonymous said...

you are improving... and do work on the exposure, seems some are under expose. overal, nice

Anonymous said...

nice job.. prefer ur 'thing''s picture eh ... hahaha

pharmalogik said...

wow! u r really good at taking pictures of objects. made them look as though they were also in the marrying mood. even my tong sampah also look good...thank u so much... swee luan

we r very satisfied and happy with your work...min shen

ws pang said...

TED : thanks for your comments and critique, will do my best the next wedding.

Anonymous : thanks for your comments.

Pharmalogik : Thanks for your great hospitality, we would looking forward to go TI again. wish u happy always, alwasy happy.

Ted said...

'even my tong sampah also look good...thank u so much...'

Yea lo...tat picture i like very much. Oni to find out later it was tong sampah...You have a good eye for details wee siang. Keep them coming...